Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase a plot at Gethsemane Cemetery?

You can call the parish office at 845-268-4464 to arrange a meeting with Lissette or Ellen. The office hours are Monday through Thursday 9am to 3pm.

Can I purchase a plot and pre-pay the opening fee?

You may prepay and purchase a plot, but you may not prepay opening fees

Do you accept credit cards?
No, we do not accept credit cards, but we do offer payment plans. Please call the office and inquire about payment options.
Do you have to be a Catholic to be buried at Gethsemane?
Yes, Gethsemane is a Catholic Cemetery.
I am not Catholic but the family member being buried is, can I be buried with my family member?
Yes, if you purchase a plot with the right to two burials, if one person is Catholic, a non-Catholic may be buried there as well.
Can you put a mausoleum in the cemetery?
No, we do not allow any structures in the cemetery.
How do I get a grave marker for my loved one?

The funeral home furnishes the grave markers.

How do I obtain a military marker for my loved one?

The funeral home will have forms which they will fill out and fax to our office. Once we receive the paperwork, we will submit them to the Veterans Administration.

Why do I need to have a foundation?

The foundation ensures that the headstone and or military marker will not sink into the ground.

I paid for and ordered a foundation, when will it be poured?

Foundations take 6-8 weeks to be poured.  Please note that during the winter months foundations are not poured.

Can we have photos in scripted on niche doors?

No, the only inscription other than the names and dates would be the choice of a crucifix.  You will be provided with 4 crucifix options.

What type of urn do you use for a niche?

Marble and stone cremation urns are an appropriate choice for placement in a columbarium because of the permanent nature of the material.  Metal cremation urns are another favorable choice for the same reason.

What are the dimensions for a niche?

A niche is 12″ wide X 12″ deep X 12″ high.

What should the dimensions of an urn be to fit into a niche?

An urn should not exceed 5″ wide X 8″ deep X 10″ hight.

Can I put my beloved pet’s ashes in the crypt with me?

No, we do not allow animals to be interned in a catholic cemetery.

Can I put mementos inside the niche with my loved one?

No, only ashes can go inside the niche.

Can I place a candle or flowers or a flag on the ground by the niche?

No, we do not permit anything by the columbarium.


Gethsemane Cemetery is honored to serve your family. Please contact us today for more information. Whether for immediate or future need, we are here to help guide you. You have many cemetery options to choose from. We are here every step of the way to help you choose the right memorialization for your loved one, whether at the time of need or planning ahead.